Remote Control for TV 

A mobile App design which turns your smartphone into a smart remote to control your home TVs.


June - July 2015



Personal project

Side project



UI Designer





01/  Project Overview

This mobile App design is an academic project for the course Interaction Design during my graduate study at Dalian University of Technology (DUT). The goal of the project is to explore a mobile service which makes users get rid of the complicated ancient remote control and leverage the smartphone App to give them a better experience of controlling the TVs.

02/  Design Brief


People with intellectual disabilities or those who find technology challenging to use may have difficulty understanding of using a complex remote control with many different functions. In addition, home automation is growing more and more common every day, which naturally drives more remote controls are needed. Thus, people have troubles of figuring out which remote control pairs with the right corresponding device.



We decided to reduce functionality and aim to generate an easy-to-use design with intuitive interaction. Let the user no longer be troubled by non-essential functionality but have a delightful experience while controlling the TVs.



The Remote Control App is able to be paired and switch from different smart TVs in the home. Further, the app on a smartphone or tablet provides remote control and access to the smart TV from anywhere via the internet.